The reson you train is because there are those days when it all goes in the toilet. - David Gallaher

With undergraduate and graduate degrees from Texas Christian University, John Ragland began his law enforcement career with the Fort Worth Texas Police Department. As one of the youngest persons ever to be sworn in by the department, he spent three years with the agency before leaving to join the Arlington Texas Police Department. In this capacity he served in varied assignments before taking a leave of absence to accept a scholarship to graduate school at TCU where he was also awarded a Graduate Teaching Fellowship in the School of Communications and Human Relations. It was during this time that he provided personal protective services to a Fort Worth-based oil family. Upon graduation he founded Texas EPS, a protective services group, serving a broad spectrum of clients ranging from Fortune 100 families and Corporations to classified defense enterprises. With facilities in Fort Worth, Dallas and New Orleans, Texas EPS provided selected services from New York to Florida. Key management personnel included former federal agents, British Police Command Staff and military special forces veterans. The company was sold to a multi-national security concern subsequent to which he engaged in real estate and consulting activities. His long-standing affiliation with the other integral members of the Resource Group Ltd. led to his involvement as a principal.