Do you think people really take you seriously? - Christiane Amanpour to President Bill Clinton questioning U.S. Balkan engagement policy

A graduate of Hardin Simmons University and holder of a Masters Degree from Texas Christian University, Lynn Fuller's involvement in law enforcement began with the Fort Worth, Texas Police Department. A distinguished career marked by the recognition of his peers, his innovative covert operations led to unprecedented results transcending local law enforcement. Regional multi-agency task forces emerged as models to be replicated. With participation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Drug Enforcement Administration, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Texas Rangers and other law enforcement agencies, he developed technical methodologies heretofore unused. The result of which is his role as instructor at the National Intelligence Academy and advisor to the FBI in technical surveillance and ongoing advisory role to both the Bureau and the United States Marshals Service. Retained by the Bass Companies of Fort Worth he developed complex integrated technologies for the family and their holdings. Robert Bass placed him in the capacity of Assistant Director of Corporate Security for his own group where he spent several years before engaging in his own consulting practice. With projects such as Federal Express Alliance, The Associates, and Alcatel Global on behalf of Temsco, a large systems integrator, where he serves as National Project Director, he possesses a breadth of knowledge and capabilities held by few. He began serving as Director of Special Projects for Resource Group Ltd. in 2000.