Working homicide in New Orleans is like running a marathon that never ends. - Ronald Doucette, Former Chief of Detectives, NOPD

With undergraduate degrees from Sothern University in New Orleans, his law enforcement career began in that city in 1975. Rising to the rank of Captain in 1989, his varied and distinguished career covered a broad spectrum of services. Field service experience ranged form Narcotics, Emergency Services (Tactical) and Special Investigations to Homicide and Assistant Superintendent, Chief of Detectives. He was honored with an appointment to the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy in 1993. Further managerial responsibilities led to Commands in Training, Technology, Management Information and District Commands. Involvement in planning and managing events ranging from Mardi Gras celebrations to NFL Super Bowl, NBA events and NCAA Final Four have added to his range of experience. He serves as Special Advisor to the CEO, New Orleans Public Schools and teachers at DC College. Following a relationship spanning many years, Ron joined RGL as a consultant in 2004.