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The DynSTAT Helicopter Training Platform evolved from our involvement in multi-gun training and competition. Some years ago there was a mock up of a helo that was comprised of plywood and a folding chair. Having spent some time in helicopters the relation to reality was limited. There is limited room and a great deal of other equipment and impediments inherent in most civilian aircraft. Simple actions such as ingress/egress deployment become complex. In addition, most agencies with air operation units are reluctant to take an aircraft out of service for training. Potential damage to the craft while practicing stack deployment for egress can have exponential cost. The expense of an airworthy plexiglass window panel can be in the thousands. Then there is the log notation on damage for the aircrafts history. If there is more extensive damage the helo is out of service. The DynSTAT HTP can eliminate those concerns. The Eurocopter EC120 is a restored nonflying unit. All parts are replaced as in an operable unit. It is platform mounted and has an on board camera system to allow for video review from both inside and outside of the craft. Radio systems are operable as are navigation lights and special effects to replicate the sound issues attendant to helicopter operations. It provides a real, safe and cost-effective training platform for tactical unit training.

We have also restored a Bell UH 1H for larger unit training.

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